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March 24, 2008


I'm glad chapter 2 made you sleepy. And I'm glad you recapped, because I'm on chapter 3 and I've already forgotten what 2 was about. You'll get some human interest soon. In the form of a crusty, sometimes pithy farmer waxing poetic about your favorite two-bit ho. You know, you made a farm pun there, sort of. Ho. Hoe. Can you tell I'm the sleep-deprived mother of an infant? Who, by the way, ate corn for dinner. Straight-up. Rambling. Off to sleep. I'm so glad you're writing about this book right now.

Susanna: Ooooo, poetic farmers. My favorite!

How tired am I? So tired, I just realized, after hitting "post," that chapter 2 IS the chapter with the farmer. Sigh.

I found this chapter to be just depressing. It seems so sad that farmers are going broke growing a product that makes cows sick and people fat (oops, that might be in the next chapter). You'd think the cycle would stop somewhere. Oh well...

How fun, I'm reading now, too. This is the feel-good book of the year. No, it didn't gross me out to think of those poor cows when I was at the store looking at all the delicious beef on sale...as Sandicita mentioned, the book quickly takes a turn for even more disturbing! Good times!

Wait, wait, you can't bomb Italy until I've laid in a supply of high-quality balsamic vinegar and dried porcini. I promise I'll give you the green light as soon as I have sufficient stockpiles, okay?

Adele: Just let me know when you're ready. I have to smuggle out Ilva at www.luculliandelights.com before the raids, too, so....

Whatacard: Yeah. I've been having all kinds of fantastic dreams.

Sandicita: I don't understand subsidizing something we already have too much of. However, to stop the subsidies would mean bankruptcy for half of Iowa. How about we give transitional subsidies as incentive to grow something different? Oh, because Cargill says no.

Susanna: Put down the book, close your computer, and get some sleep. Our nation's problems will still be the same in the morning.

He really is, isn't he? I rather liked the dirty parts about corn sex but then when we got to the fixing nitrogen part I kind of fell apart. Turning the soil this weekend I lectured my daughter about the necessities of crop rotation (I learned this in school, really, I'm that old) and she looked at me dumb founded.

Alecto: I didn't even know about crop rotation until last year. What kind of crappy farmers' advocate am I?

But wait... what about all the corn that's going into the "bio-diesel" fad (you know, that green fuel that isn't really green if you look at what it takes to produce it... besides the corn). I thought that was driving the price of corn up now and making everyone want to grow more.

Are the farmers depressed or rich. I'm confused.

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