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March 14, 2008


I'm fully expecting my husband to leave me for a younger Ear any day now.

You are seriously too damn funny. I can't believe you managed to make the leap to calling corn a two-bit ho. Inside your brain is a dark, dark place isn't it? ;-)

Tempered Woman: It overfloweth with angels and rainbows!

Susanna: I know what you mean. It's hard to compete with those tall, leggy types with all the "genetic improvements."

I think that when you're done with this book, you may have to compile all your posts about it into a reader's guide.

Corn. Two-bit ho.

*still laughing*

I agree with Adele. Maybe you could market your guide like cliffnotes... dirty, naughty cliffnotes.

Keep plugging ahead--when you get to the part about the cattle feedlots it really picks up steam!

Robert: Hmmmm. Cattle feedlots. That doesn't sound very sexy.

Robin: Hi! Cliffsnotes -- I like it.

Adele: A reading guide for the reading-challenged by the reading-challenged!

Can we go back to the part about walking up onto her back?

Barry: I don't think you want to be taking your cues from the turkeys. Or do you?

A couple of weeks ago, when our own preschooler was home sick with the never-ending fever, he came to enjoy watching a PBS show on which, if you spelt a word, that word physically became the object (can't remember the name of it, but a cute concept). ANYWAY the duck, who's not too smart, was trying to whip up a picnic but was having a hard time. He had "ORN," but was dissatisfied with how adding an "H," though it made a nice sound, tasted. I half-heartedly shouted "add a 'P', add a 'P!'" Sadly I realized my mistake too late, as our dear preschooler took up the cheer himself.
The only place CORN comes before PORN is the dictionary. Discuss.

ctipper: I'm afraid you have no one to blame but yourself. And also, you must be looking at a British dictionary. The folks at Oxford are so rigid in their interpretation of the alphabet.

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