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March 23, 2008


I just read through the Egg poll post comments and followed all your links and now I'm completely disillusioned. Shrinking the Cadbury Creme Egg and changing the formula for the filling? Is nothing sacred?

By the way, after watching the B. J. Novak video, I visited the Cadbury website and found that they are no longer perpetuating last year's shameless lie about whether the egg has gotten smaller("It hasn't - you've just grown up!") and now just blame it on the Yanks ("In the United States, our business partner, Hershey, elected to reduce the size of the crème egg. Cadbury Eggs remain a consumer favorite and continue to be an excellent value. We apologize for any confusion or misleading information.")

This could potentially be a wild goose chase, but Kiki's Kwik-Mart in Brighton sells a lot of imported Irish goods. You may find the True Egg there.

I shall endeavor too look while we are on holiday in the U.K. in May, if I find any, and if they can survive my luggage, I'll see what I can do to ease your jonesing.

hm, is there a craigslist for this kind of thing maybe? Perhaps a posting on the houseswap site? You can stay at my house for a month if you bring me 300 tru Cadbury Eggs??

Tempered Woman: I suppose that would be one way to attract the rest of the crazies!

Jo: My creme egg obsession should be the least of your concerns on what sounds like a lovely vacation. But, you know, if they keep jumping out at you...

Adele: I went to six stores today just to find some of the crappy creme eggs for the exchange. I fear this will be harder than I thought.

Robert: No, nothing is sacred. I don't mind the size so much. I can just eat more. But the filling being different -- that I can't get past.

You won't find any Cadbury eggs for sale after Easter. They only make them for this holiday. Same with Peeps.

You know my dear - you COULD just make the damn things your own self. I've seen recipes for chocolate covered cherries so you should be able to adapt it for eggs. All you need is a big enough mold and you can have all of the (yucky) creme you want inside. Bleh!

Like some of your other commentors, the thought of the things makes me wretch! So, if you DO pony up and make some -DO NOT POST PICTURES! I might lose my lunch.

Tammy, my hubs keeps encouraging me to make my own too, since I've become so disillusioned by the rather gross filling change. So, maybe we can do some research and see what we come up with. Otherwise unless you can get this egg-schange happening, I will have to mourn the boxes of Cadbury eggs I won't be buying from now on. I know I'm huge into local food, but in years past, I'd buy like 10 four packs in those weeks between V-day and Easter, and this year it was only nostalgia that got me through the one box I bought, and it really wasn't worth it. I'm curious to see how your idea works. I might have to try it next year with plenty of time before the holiday to get someone to send them to me too.

goodness look what happens when I am away from the computer for a few days! Americans start grovelling for canadian easter eggs! As your favourite Canadian (I'm sure) I will endeavour to find some creme eggs for you. But I will expect something in return, just not sure what yet. I don't think crappy american eggs will suffice.

Sunny12: What, our shitty versions of your good candies aren't good enough for you?

Bri: I have two Canadians roped into my hare-brained scheme. I want answers, damnit.

Sally: There's no way I'm learning how to make these myself. Can you even imagine? I'd never leave my house again. But when those Canadian eggs arrive, rest assured, there will be LOTS of pictures.

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