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March 21, 2008


Call me crazy, but I prefer good old fashioned jelly beans.

BLEH. Devil. Robin's Eggs (aka Malted Milk Balls, aka Whoppers) are the only Easter candy for me. I will say I come from a family of Cadbury Creme Egg devotees.

I really love them. In fact I might go and buy one tonight!!

I feel a bit cheated somehow not being back in the uk and having a big chocolate shell to bite into before I get to my mediocre candy this year :( I think I'm getting homesick.

Tammy, I was soooo there with you. Important word being "was". I know they've changed. I looked forward to them every year, and stocked up on them as an adult. But over they years, Cadbury has made them smaller (I didn't just get bigger. I tried to find it, but there is a great segment on Conan O'Brian with a guest who brings in one he saved from years earlier that was larger than a current one). But they've also screwed with the recipe so that rather than being luscious and gooey and wonderful, the flavor has this weird new thing going on that actually makes me a little sick to my stomach. I think Cadbury found a way to make them cheaper and sold out to that. I'm utterly disappointed. Oh...Cadbury Creme eggs of my youth...how I miss you so!

You want tasty eggs, you come visit me Sunday (provided the photos work out OK). No fondant goo.

PS: Bri, if you can get Canadian Cadbury Creme Eggs, they're closer to what you recall! I hear.

CC: Oh, I'll come visit you on Sunday, alright!

Bri: I knew it!!! I had no proof, but I thought they had gotten smaller, too. And didn't the insides used to be runnier? Not as runny as the insides of chocolate-covered cherries, but a little more in that direction? Oh, this is going to require an investigative report.

Jennywenny: Have an extra one on me! I know what you mean about the mediocre candy. That fake chocolate gnaws at my very soul.

Susanna: I remember this about you. Malted milk balls are my second love, and I sure hope the Easter bunny is generous this year. They seem to be getting harder to find.

Mary: The buttered popcorn flavor of Jelly Bellies has ruined jellybeans for me forever. No one should ever have to experience that.

As far as I'm concerned, they are a little from column a, a little from column b. They are ooey gooey and chocolatey, but wtf is that stuff in there? I prefer the caramel eggs.

I'm right there with you! I love the creme eggs and have already had two this year. And it's not even Easter yet. Yum!

I LOVE the creme eggs. They are so good!!! I tried to find one a couple of weeks ago and got stuck w/ one of the caramel filled ones, which (ironically enough) are a bit too sweet for me. Yay for Easter! Can I say that if I'm Jewish?

I couldn't resist and watched a bunch of youtube videos about Cadbury creme eggs. The texture of the goo looked really different. I think they've gone cheap on us and tried to pretend like they haven't changed a thing. I guess I'll just have to take Cookie's suggestion and head to Australia some year before Easter, and stock up. Cadbury probably can't get away with that junk there, like they can here. Oh how I miss a good Cadbury creme egg. I didn't like the caramel one either, but the orange creme isn't bad.

Cadbury Creme Eggs just frighten me. Jesus didn't die on the cross and roll away the rock from his tomb so I could eat that gooey crap.

That said, I am a huge fan of the Reese's Pieces, and in particular, the larger, pastel ones they make for Easter. Those are Jesus-licious.

Mmmmmmm... Jesus-licious.

That's what Mary Magdeline said.

I'm personally confused at the progression from Risen Savior to bunnies that poop chocolate goo covered eggs, but I'm pretty sure that any egg downsizing was at the request of the bunnies. Poor little guys...

Oh, and, one word on my feelings toward said eggs.


Cadbury creme egg - really? Give me a malted milk speckled egg thingy any day.

This year we went with the solid dark chocolate lop-eared bunnies. They are adorable and tasty.

The Jesus-licious comment above was hilarious (now I'm waiting for the lightening to strike!)

I saw the Conan O'Brien segment, too. It was with a local boy -- Newton native B.J. Novak, the squirrelly little power hungry former intern Ryan on The Office. I'm sure there's a YouTube video of it somewhere. It was pretty funny. He had kept a cream egg in his freezer since childhood or something and brought it out as proof that they've shrunk.

I still love 'em. They could be the size of pebbles. I wouldn't care.

I have 4 words for you: high fructose corn syrup. Cadbury never used to use it, now they do. I noticed it about 5 years ago (used to eat the Creme Eggs by the dozen, now I can't make it through one...)

NurseJen: God, I feel so used. Cadbury will be getting a letter from me, you can count on that!

Hater: I found that clip: http://www.noob.us/entertainment/conan-obrien-cadbury-eggs-getting-smaller/

B.J. Novak, I just chiseled a little place for you in my stone cold heart.

Andrea: The thing about the malted milk balls, for me at least, is that you can get some incarnation of them all year round. Creme eggs come around but once a year.

Sis: Cadbury creme eggs were one of the lesser known miracles. So between insulting Jesus' miracle work and his woman, I think it's pretty safe to say you're on his shit list now.

Bok Bok: You're right. Jesus didn't die on the cross and roll away the rock from his tomb so you could eat that gooey crap. He did it so I could!

Bri: Orange creme? Ugh, I'm having flashbacks of St. Joseph's aspirin. But take a look at the consistency of the creme filling circa 1988:


Totally different. God, I won't rest until I get my hands on the good stuff.

Sandicita: I spoke to the rabbits, and they said "Pope who?" So, I think you're good.

Whatacard: The early bird gets the...egg.

Heather: Caramel? In a chocolate egg??? That's disgusting.

Tammy, I don't know how you found it, but thank you for finding the B.J. Novak clip and vindication. It's so true, the consistency IS different. They went seriously cheap on us, as if we wouldn't notice. I hate to admit it, but I'm saying it here...Cadbury Creme Egg, you are dead to me now.

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