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March 06, 2008


Wow, that's a good lookin' salad you've got there. Mmmmm....

*chuckle* I think it needs a name, possibly one with a Bugs Bunny reference.

OK, I had to re-read the birthday party entry again. Still very funny. I tend to stress under "party" situations anyway, so I could kind of relate...Thanksgiving is a prime example. I'm glad you're crawling out from under the squash. I just signed up for my spring/summer CSA. I can't wait.

There, there... it'll be CSA season again soon... and in the meantime alcohol is always in season! :-)

Ann: You always know just what to say!

Brenda: Me, neither. Those were some happy times last summer.

Adele: Wascally Wabbit?

Whatacard: It was good. Don't know where all the goat cheese went, though. I must have eaten it all off the top over the course of the 45 pictures I took.

Wascally Wabbit.

I like it.

When I finish a jar of pickles I reuse the brine by stuffing the jar with baby carrots, a few dried chilis and some garlic cloves. I love the carrot in the martini. It's practically a health drink now.

Heather: I like the way you think. Healthy garnish equals health drink. And I'm totally stealing your brine-recycling idea!

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