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February 23, 2008


Oh, you have made my day! We're having the same kind of day, we are. It helps to know you aren't the only one. Thank you.

Uh...yea...thanks for sharing. Seriously, I hope it passes quickly and you feel better really, really soon. I sympathize. I really do.

...So, what shall we talk about now? How about child birth! :o

Oh, all right. But no more than two paragraphs, OK?

Ugh, me too.

Which explains the half eaten pan of double dark chocolate brownies on my kitchen counter with a thick trail of crumbs leading from the pan, across the kitchen floor, over my leg, up my sweat shirt, and directly in to my mouth.

I think I need more milk. And a Pamprin.

i laughed so hard seeing this in my rss my colleagues at work must have wondered what could possibly be so entertaining in a financial contract :)

What up Aunt Flo!

In tha house: Holla.

Andreea: I bet there were LOTS of periods in that contract.

Lily VS: I may or may not have peed myself reading your comment last night. Thank goodness for wings.

Barry: You got it. See my latest post. I may have gone over.

Sally: Don't even dare me to talk about childbirth. You'll be sorry.

Becky: It's all part of my evil plot to get us Internet gals on the same cycle.

you crack me up hahaha.

All you alpha broads with your dominant cycles got me going. Stupid moon.

No. But we'd love to hear all about it from Rich.

No, but we'd love to hear all about it from Rich!

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