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February 19, 2008


Tammy, if the Hamburglar had a hamburger for a head, he wouldn't need to burgle our hamburgers, as he'd already have one, thus depriving us of the hilarity of his endless (and ultimately fruitless) quest to burgle hamburgers. Rabble rabble, indeed!

I mean, are you obsessed with human heads? Like all, "omg, must steal heads must steal heads!" Yeah, I didn't think so.

Heather: Mmmmmm, delicious human heads...

Ed: Eventually, he's going to finish eating the one on his head, and need another replacement. Duh.

Wow. I thought McDonald's had phased out the Burgerland (is that what it's called?) characters after they realized that they scared little children.

I feel that a Hamburglar with a cheeseburger head would be engaging in the kidnapping and cannibalism of his own people. I think this is imagery the marketing folks at McDonald's Corporation would prefer to avoid.

Tammy, please tell me the following (without cheating):

Who is Grimace and what does he look like?

Frankly, the newest Burger King with his plastic stare and serial-killer-like patience creep me out waaaaay more than any Burgerland character! I mean he just stands there, staring. ::shudder::

hmm, maybe it would make sense to make characters that scare the children since the nutrition profiles of the food are pretty scary in and of themselves.

Jasmine: You're right. I guess the seventies and eighties were the honest years.

Jess: What in the world is he waiting for with such desperate patience, anyway? Oh, I know, a decent burger.

Husband: Grimace is the clown with the demented smile, right?

Husband Again: It's a burger-eat-burger world out there. No one knows this better than McDonald's.

Adele: They did phase out that campaign, but I think it was because some adults found the characters too confusing.

ok. Now I'm hungry.

I liked the commercials with Hamburgler and Grimace and Ronald way better than the silly "I'm lovin' it" or whatever they're slogan is now.

Tammy -

Not only did you and your husband devote a good deal of time to this little quandry, but now you've had me doing it for the last 10 minutes. Hamburglar...Mayor McCheese...Cheese head...Seriously, I put some time in on this one.

It's good to know the brain trust is working on the important issues.

You're a hoot! Thanks for a good laugh tonight.


Our "local" (meaning the closest McDonalds - 20 mi. away) STILL has those creepy characters on their walls in the *kids'* room. I HATE going in there to eat, but Q just loves it. Of course, he'd rather have a McPlayground. Or whatever it's called.

But who was the one that was in charge of capturing the hamburglar???
That's what I want to know...

I have been having trouble getting to sleep thinking of the world of McDonaldland.Do you ever think that the Hamburglar may have begun his crime spree because of his apparent cleft palate, or whatever it is that causes him to babble unintelligbly as he runs about in that freaky Spy Vs. Spy knockoff with the bumblebee shirt?

My vague memory of the Hamburglar was that he was unstoppable from stealing hamburgers because the head cop in town was this freak-show with a Big Mac for a head and a constable's outfit. The constable got his job, apparently through a relative, the burger-headed Mayor McCheese which, though giving great credit for employment for the obviously disabled, creates great questions about gubernatorial corruption in McDonaldland.

It was distressing in McDonaldland that although hamburgers were bought and sold (and stolen by the Hamburglar) they were initially grown in fields, and were actually alive little burgers, that perhaps screamed "Don't pick me! Don't slaughter me! I want to grow up to get a nepotism job in government!"

The Grimace's role in McDonaldland was also confusing, though I imagine he was what the Elephant Man would have been like on speed

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