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February 01, 2008


What do you mean that's the end of it?!? Nooooooooo!! (BTW - love Nonni's picture. My mom was 45 when I was born so I only remember her as an old woman. I love old women - cause I are one!;) )

It's an oft repeated cliche to talk about your 'second mother " but my Auntie Dora is my second mom . Very little of my childhood doesn't involve an Auntie Dora story and I love her dearly. BTW, Alfred Hitchcock and Perry Mason were her fav's ... she called them "her stories "

I have to admit that had I been able to choose my mom, I could not have done better! She sacrificed everything for her kids. She wore cheap housecoats everyday so that my sister could dress really well, I could go to a private high school and my brother could try out several trade schools before finally deciding on carpentry. She took the bus to work so that first my sister and then I could have the family's second car to drive to school. She almost never had a dime after making ends meet but didn't complain. Whatever I am today, whatever I've accomplished I owe all to her! Period!

I think she looks and sounds like a beautiful woman. And the cookbook Fridays have been really fun to learn about you and your family.

Just to be a pain in the neck:
As a French-Canadian-born person, I appreciate your pointing out that this dish is not related to the classic Quebec meat pie. An easy way to remember that is by noting that the Quebec one has a "u" in it (tourtiere), not to mention an accent over the first "e" that I can't seem to muster up on this software. So there.

Barry: French-Canadian-born, huh? Well, that changes everything!

Mary: She's awesome. Thanks for noticing!

Dad: Well said.

Joey: That's right, I forgot about Perry Mason, though that never caught on with me.

Sally: Old people rock!

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