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February 18, 2008


Wow, that looks awesome. Just the way I like carrot cake...without any annoying non-carrot related stuff like coconut. And with lots and lots of frosting!

I'm not much of a cake baker... but I do like carrot cake. Can this be baked in square pans, or must they be round?

Adele: THEY MUST BE ROUND! Just kidding. It doesn't matter.

Whatacard: Coconut. Bah.

Uh, how do I clean out the drool on my keyboard...

Yeah, I am with you on the extra frosting bit. Only in my case it's because I use half to frost, and the other half gets eaten off the spatch!

God your stuff always looks so delicious! Makes me hate WW even more. *sigh*

My grandmother used to make me carrot cake for my birthday every year. Yum. My husband also is a raisin hater. This recipe will be perfect (although I think I have my grandmother's recipe in a box somewhere and should probably dig that out at some point ... ).

Double the frosting recipe! Brilliant, although I don't bake much.
Next time I'm going for double the rabbit pate recipe.

Dear God, I absolutely adore carrot cake.

Carrot cake is my favorite kind of cake. Although, I've never had a carrot cake without raisins. Also, I adhere to the personal philosophy that cake is merely a vehicle for frosting and I think it's BRILLIANT that you double the frosting.

What IS it about men and raisins??? I love it alllll baby! (Don't look now, but I think that WG Harding *might* be your dad...)

This looks so good that I don't know which to do first: make the cake with the double frosting, or just make the frosting and skip the cake. I just might try both. Too bad about those raisins, though--nothing spoils a good carrot cake like leaving out the raisins.

screw the raisins, where's the PINEAPPLE???? Although maybe I won't notice with all the frosting. Yum!

I made a carrot cake this week which didn't knock me out, but even at it's worst it's a wonderful cake. I'll be taking a look at this recipe...

It is not safe to read your blog at work. I've got tears from laughing and now I'm hungry but only for carrot cake! Actually forget the cake, I just want frosting.

God, that looks good. And double frosting is ALWAYS a good thing. Lucky hubby!

I can also commend this recipe since I finally got some of my daughter's baking efforts (for a change!). Not crazy about raisins but I would have eaten them.

Warren Harding????

Dad: Don't mind Ed. He was just posing as Warren Harding, again. Sally thought it was you, but I meant to tell her that you're all about Abe Lincoln.

I made it for Easter this weekend. I used carrots = Easter Bunny for an excuse, but really it was all about the frosting. Oh it was good. Too good. I learned an important lesson about too much frosting. That's not to say I won't do it again, though.

Thanks for another tasty recipe.

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