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February 05, 2008


I think most of us are always on the lookout for new and wonderful ways to make chicken because... well, yeah, it's chicken and it gets pretty routine. I was trying to save money this week, so I am using all the poultry (and one does of pork chops) in my freezer rather than buy more meat. so it's been one chicken-licious (or not ugh) meal after another. point being, I'm stealing this recipe. and thanks. ;)

I just had dinner, and reading this recipe I am salivating. I can hardly wait to try it. Lemon has to be one of the most delicious, versatile flavors on the planet. I bet lemon would even make good fudge.

What do you mean who gets excited over chicken? I find chicken endlessly interesting and your recipe looks quite enticing. And you are right, barely seems Indian at all.

The chicken looks delicious! We met Suvir Saran at a healthy food conference in Napa a few months ago, and picked up a copy of American Masala. The lemon chicken along with the fried chicken masala has been on our list to make.

Have you made the cardamom-roasted cauliflower yet? It's also a simple and good recipe.

I'm stealing this recipe too. Good stuff Maynard!

It certainly looks very tempting - and I'm no big fan of chicken either... Oh, and it might be better than halva, but it's not getting my vote over baklava ;)

That looks like a tasty dinner! I'll be cooking it up next week. (this week is already planned.)

I sometimes buy supermarket roast chicken when I need to make chicken soup in a hurry. I eat the breast meat drenched in balsamic vinegar (anything for a little flavor and moisture) though it never occurred to me to actually cook chicken with it.

I might have to test this recipe out on my latest batch of guinea pigs.

Adele: I LOVE chicken in vinegar. Here's another recipe: http://www.foodonthefood.com/food_on_the_food/2007/07/cookbook-friday.html

Mary: Hope you enjoy it!

Aforkfulofspaghetti: Agreed. I should devise a complicated pastry spectrum for rating things, with halvah at the BOTTOM and baklava way up at the top.

Sally: Let me know how it goes.

Chuck: I haven't made the cauliflower, yet, but it won't be long now. Thanks for the tip.

Izzy's mama: Don't get me wrong, I love chicken. It's just so easy to take it for granted sometimes.


Melissa: I'm due for a freezer clean-out myself. I'm afraid to look.

I don't cook much chicken other than to have a full roast dinner, since chicken can be fine but a bit meh. This does sound like a good way to enjoy it, though.

what no coriander, cumin or hot pepper??? Can't be Indian. But could still be pretty tasty. The pictures are mouthwatering.

I made this last night with some roasted cauliflower on the side. So delicious! This recipe is definitely making it into my permanent recipe collection. Thanks so much for sharing it!

I had totally forgotten about this until yesterday, when Steve mentioned it. I have chicken marinating for tomorrow. Still can't thank you enough for posting this one - it's awesome.

Hi Tammy,

This chicken dish sounds very intriguing. I love anything acidic with chicken, so the use of balsamic vinegar and lemon juice seems very appealing. I have a question about browning chicken. Do you dry it off or put it in the pan right in its marinade. I am a little concerned about putting it in the skillet with all that moisture. Will be brown? I worry it will stick. Or do you use a non-stick pan for this dish?

I am chicken challenged (it's one thing I barely cook), so any help would be greatly appreciated.


this looks so tasty - might give it a try for a new years partys

thanks and happy holidays

Made this for Christmas dinner--turned out great.

Oh my word. I made this for dinner tonight, and there are no words for how delicious it came out. I cut up a whole chicken, chopping the breasts in half, because that's what I had, and then at the very end, I took the chicken out of the pan and reduced the sauce just slightly to thicken it, and with the sugar in there, it caramelized a bit too. My whole family devoured it in no time at all. This recipe is going into my permanent file. Thank you so much.

So I made this chicken in a snap for my mom and brother, and they went crazy for it. My brother tried to steal mine off of my plate. Clearly, this was a crowd favorite and with now be a staple in my home. SUPERB!!!!

The recipe is very much Indian with the excessive use of black pepper. People don't realize but black pepper is quintessentially indian :)
The balsamic vinegar is obviously not indian but that's where the 'american' from the 'american masala' comes into play, I guess.

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