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February 14, 2008


This might be a good time to place a reassuring call to my mother-in-law.

Or me!

Husband: You had fair warning!

Hmmm, will my Valentine's present be divorce papers, I wonder?

Hello, Comment Silence, I remember you. How've you been?

I worry about your poor farmer. Does he read this blog? :-)

Well crap~ I don't get it. I mean the song makes sense but what is it about the end? YES! I did in fact listen to the whole gosh darn thing but I better not admit I'm at work.

Shoot. It said that the video was no longer available.

I really like your posts about the farmer by the way.


Sally: So, you got it, then?

Mary: I've been having some trouble cutting and pasting simple html. And then YouTube took the clip down. If I were paranoid, I'd think the copyright police were after me (there is a link to buy the mp3 file, Mr. Policeman). Anyway, try it now.

Tempered Woman: It's just that the song seems to have a rather CLIMACTIC ending. But, perhaps I'm reading too much into it.

Ann: I think I might have stumbled across the most tolerant farmer on the planet. He would have to be to put up with this. Does he read the blog? Don't know, but he does know it's here (which seems only fair). So, I just go to the pickup and try to pretend there's nothing unusual afoot. Don't mind me. I'm just weighing my vegetables over here.

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