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February 12, 2008


I was just wondering what the rest of the family thought about your "awsome saurkraut". The sour cream comment sort of gave me a clue. Are the kids eating it too?

Oh - and who was that back on your mushroom post who remembered the words to granspa's song?

*grandpa, even.... sheesh!

I've never really been a fan of apple strudel, but bacon and sauerkraut strudel? That sounds fantastic.

Sally: Husband is really enjoying the sauerkraut. The kids won't touch such stuff, so we have not pushed it on them.


Husband: Thanks for not pointing out that I refused to share it with them.

Adele: I prefer my sweet apples in a more substantial crust. Which reminds me, I have apples and extra pie dough from the pot pie.

Stephen R. Donaldson: I swear I'll finish one of your books, eventually.

Sally: I didn't mean to imply that the sour cream was needed to mask the flavor. If anything, it heightens it, adds a bit of moisture, makes it better, and, more importantly, gives me an excuse to eat half a container of sour cream. P.S. A writer always protects her anonymous sources!!

Wait, you made pot pie AND a savory streudel? Will you be my new mommy?

Sour cream really does make everything taste better. I bet a spoonful of lingonberry preserves would be good too.

Mmm, bacon! That pot pie looks and sounds incredible...I'll have to try it. There's nothing that improves a vegetarian dish more than adding bacon. Sadly, I'm not kidding. I'm scared of cooking with phyllo dough, so I'll have to take your word on the strudel.

Ooo, scary phyllo :)

Oh THANK YOU! I am so happy you posted the bacon and sauerkraut strudel you teased us with earlier this week! Yay! There's only 2 of us here, how did the leftovers hold up? Would the leftovers freeze well? I'm so salivating right now.

I am fairly new to your blog, but I have laughed and drooled over each and every post. I'm still not trying sauerkraut though!!

Mary: Welcome! I'll win you over with the sauerkraut, yet.

Other Mary: The leftovers held up pretty well. I reheated them in the oven, not the microwave, to keep the phyllo crispy. As for the freezer, good question. Not sure. We ate it all in under 48 hours.

Whatacard: Phyllo isn't as scary as everyone makes it out to be. I'll do a baklava post one of these days to demystify it.

Heather: Lingonberry preserves??? Will YOU be MY new mommy?

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