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January 07, 2008


Oh my that looks and sounds fantastic! I think I'll have to come up with a reason to make it.

I don't even care if it tastes good - that is the most gorgeous piece of pie I've ever seen! It looks like winter. It even sounds easy enough for me to make and I saw grapefruit at the farmers' market on Sunday. Although they weren't tart white ones.

Good Lord, woman! Sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, sour cream AND cream cheese!?! My teeth hurt just reading about it. Eat your fudge - it's less fattening.

OK, where was this when I was there yesterday!?!

Dad: Long gone. But, as I recall, you got some the last time I made it.

Sally: The path to righteousness, as I understand it, is not without its obstacles.

Katrina: Oooooo, local grapefruit. Lucky.

Mary: How about, hey, I didn't get struck by lightening today. Let's celebrate with grapefruit pie?

My seven year old says, "It's like I could eat the computer."

Alecto: I love your kids already!

Yum! This sounds awesome! I am quite partial to Texas Ruby Reds. They are by no means local OR organic, but I just can't help but love them. I don't indulge in many, but a few a season is something I'll do even with the bad miles/chemicals karma. We all have our vices.

Wow that looks fun. Fascinatingly delicious looking.

This sounds lovely. I'm not a grapefruit fan, but I bet this would be lovely with lemons, as well! We used to make a grapefruit sabayon tart at the restaurant, and everyone told me it was great. I never knew for myself, 'cause I just don't like them. I wish that I did. Grapefruit lovers are pretty passionate about them.

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