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January 13, 2008


Oh no, the squash has gotten to your brain! Something tells me that husband wouldn't mind getting rid of some squash via method #3 off the back porch...

If you slice one of these down the center and clean out the seeds, it makes a charming gravy boat. :)

Small step stool for reaching middle shelves (only works for the coaster-style squash).
Balance ball for very small acrobat.
Pilates ball for very small yogi.
Medicine ball (how much does a hubbard squash weigh?).

can you send it to all the starving kids in China? :)

Make a birdhouse? Or better yet, target practice!

I've got a banana squash that could work as a yard stick. Not nearly as entertaining as your butternut squash bowling though!

I understand New England has had quite a bit of snow. Do I detect signs of cabin fever ?

I think I'll go make more soup.

I love it...

Fudge? *ducks*

Your best squash work yet...hilarious!

Kim: I'm building up some very impressive credentials.

Ann: *dry heave*

Trev: Careful. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's squash.

Alecto: Okay, but...liquid squash is still squash.

Joey: I wish I could blame it on that. These pictures were taken well before that pitiful excuse for a blizzard we just had.

Katrina: Banana squash? How many different types of squash are there, anyway?

Megan: A birdhouse is a great idea. I'm mulling over the blueprints right now...

Sunny12: Don't worry, none of this squash is going to waste. What we can't eat, we find a good home for.

Jess: We'll have to collaborate on my next pictorial. I especially like the Hubbard as a medicine ball idea. If you miss, you will be crushed.

Maggie: Yes! Delicata = gravy boat. Hubbard = punch bowl.

Melch: They should do one of those public service announcements: This is your brain (picture of normal brain). This is your brain on squash (picture of my shriveled-up brain). And you're right about Husband. He's made many airborne-squash-related threats.

Hilarious. Maybe you should sketch a face on one or two and have a party.
Know anyone with a baby? They make great puree.

Aimee: Mmmmm, puree of baby. Delectable!

I wish I had some witty thing to add here, but sadly I don't. Instead, I'm just going to say that I laughed my ass off. Especially at the last picture. Thanks for that.

Your post made me think of this: http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2009/10/20nissan.html Are you familiar? It makes me laugh!

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