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January 16, 2008


Sure glad I stopped reading when you told me too!!

Bowls overflowing with steaming German meat. You just can't beat that!

By the way, "enormous crock" can be alarming in a blog post if glanced at quickly.

Hello Tammy,

My name is Shannon and I'm the editorial assistant at Foodbuzz.com. Following up on a recent email invitation to be a part of our newly launched Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program, I just want to reiterate that I am very impressed with the quality of your posts. I would love to send you more details about the program, so if you are interested, please email me at Shannon@foodbuzz.com.


Shannon Eliot
Editorial Assistant, Foodbuzz.com

Food Buzz. Is that what you're getting from your new Sauerkraut? I remember my mom making sauerkraut in the crock like you are. I don't remember eating it. I'll be interested in hearing about how yours turns out.
Chastity belt? I hate to be crude, but isn't it better that it was a stomach issue resulting in vomit.
I probably shouldn't write these comments after two (or so) glasses of wine.

I have a saurkraut memory - cooking saurkraut in an aluminum pan, then leaving it in there to reheat the next day. DON'T DO THAT! Food poisoning is no fun. Good luck with you..uh..experiment. The smell will get to you long before it's ready to eat. Do you have a closed-in, unheated back porch? If so, put it there. That'll help with the stench.

You ever wonder - who was the first person that was SO HUNGRY that he ate rotted cabbage? (Or a Durian?)

Sally: Those accursed aluminum pans -- they're more trouble than they're worth. I hope that experience didn't turn you off of sauerkraut forever.

Brenda: Since you asked, it wasn't just vomit.

Shannon: Thanks for your comment. I'll e-mail you.

Husband: Only to a guy.

Dad: Now you know why I didn't call you everyday to tell you how things were going on my trip.

They sell sauerkraut here in the markets during this time of year-call it chacroute. It is so good. I'm not fond of some of the meat as it is a little too rich for me but I like the frankfurters and some of the sausage, but mainly the sauerkraut. I put the whole thing, already cooked at the market, in a casserole and add white wine and chicken broth and bake it for hours. It's to die for.

I still get a kick out of the look on my German friend's face when she asked, "How do you say sauerkraut in English?

Great blog! Just discovered it.

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