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January 20, 2008


We just ran over and picked ours up. Don't worry, there is ALWAYS a queue at Clear flour bakery...but seriously, don't miss it.
Today was ground pork and beef, pork chops and lamb chops. Next month he said is beef and chicken, but since i split it with Christine at Work, she gets net months pick up. Bummer! I was dying to try his chicken.

I'll be very interested to hear how this goes.

Well done - we've been wanting to do something like this for a while and finally have a big enough fridge to make shipments of meat possible. And even greater bonus, they probably have a no-cloning policy at the farm, too...

Oh, sorry, all we got was ... um ... 1/4 lb. of stew meat, yeah, that's it. Sorry, maybe more next month. ;-)

Karen: Lies!!!

CC: I've heard great things about this farm. I shall report back.

Annemarie: Yes, blessedly clone-free. Good luck filling your fridge.

Jo: That's an interesting way to do it. We're alternating pickups, but then fighting over the loot each month. I wonder which end of this process will see more bloodshed?

A meat CSA, all from one farm? That does sound wonderful. All I have is my lamb half..still looking for cow shares.

Congrats! Wait 'til you taste that first batch of E-coli free ground beef...you can gloat all the way to your favorite hamburger recipe.

Kim: But, what if it's the E. coli that makes it so delicious? I guess I could always add my own.

Izzy's mama: Half a lamb is more than I had last week, so you're doing well. I imagine it's harder in NYC.

Yea, meat CSA!!! With variety! And monthly pick ups! And in Boston!

Oh crap, you mean I have to drive to Boston?

Doesn't matter, were in. Hoping to get some friends in on it so we can drive every other month (But I'm not splitting a half share. No way, get your own share. I'm not that good of a friend!)

Thanks for the tip.

Andrea: They have pickups in JP and Brookline (we're doing Brookline). Maybe I'll see you there, sometime! I'll be the one whispering sweet nothings to my sack of meat.

Hey There, no need to drive to MA, there's a NEW meat CSA right here in your back yard. Cedar Meadow Farm - Ledyard, CT. They have totally rockin' pork, chicken, grass fed lamb, turkey, and rabbit. Okay, so yes, I'm a little biased because I do own the place, and yes, I've shamelessly Googled to see where others are going and to put a plug in for our own farm. We're a small place but are firmly entrenched in Heritage Breed Conservancy. We're also working with the Animal Welfare Institute to be the first farm in New England to get their poultry and pigs be Animal Welfare Approved. It's a big deal and we're pretty darn proud of it.

Okay - 'nuff said, sorry to intrude on your blog - but hey, that's what happens when you rank so high on the hit list...

If you're not too pissed off at my jumping in on your conversation, take a moment to check out our website: www.cedarmeadowfarm.net
You can learn more about our meat CSA there!

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