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January 31, 2008


Where's the garlic? All of those veggies need garlic to be truly happy :)

Good lord, woman! DH and I couldn't eat that many vegetables in a month! Unless your canning or freezing some of them or you're feeding the homeless, what the hell do you do with all of those?

I foresee a 10-pound carrot cake in your future.

I love your blog! It's clever and well written and you are also very funny. I found you through "Beyond Salmon" and also wanted to thank you for introducing me to "Calamity Shazaam in the Kitchen"... she's hysterical!

I'd love to swap links. Let me know what you think.


I know exactly what you mean about the carrots! I'm in the UK and get my veggies from Abel and Cole. In the end, I had to go onto their website and put a sad face where there was once a smiley face next to the carrots so they replace them with something else! I must admit I also had to do the same with the courgettes last summer as I just reached my limit!

My bet's on either garlic or shallots.

Thanks for posting this photo. We're deciding whether to sign up for a Drumlin Farm share this year -- there are only two of us and we plan to grow our own, too, so I think we might be utterly overwhelmed with a full share. Or even with a half share!

Korinthe: Regarding garlic, see response to Vicki's comment below. Regarding shallots, crap...they did run out of shallots, and I didn't even notice. Stupid early birds. But, no, something else was missing. Here's another hint: It's not a vegetable. (Let me know if you have any questions about the summer farmshare. A full share would probably be a lot for two people, unless you're vegetarians. Especially if your garden actually produces vegetables, unlike mine.)

Helen: We have the same courgette/zucchini problem during the summer. Luckily, none of my zucchini plants grew. Like I needed more zucchini on top of the CSA.

Tammy: That was weird. I thought I was complimenting myself on my own blog, and I couldn’t help thinking how vain I was. What are the odds of there being another Tammy that writes a food blog in Boston? Wacky! Sure, I’ll add you to my local list. In fact, all you loyal commenters are going on soon, if you're not there already.

Robert: You read my mind!

Sally: I surprise myself with how much I can eat when I really put my mind to it. Also, I have a lot of frozen soup and squash. And when I really need to clean out the crisper, I make stock.

Vicki: True, the garlic ran out weeks ago, so I have to supplement from the store. But, that's not the thing that was unexpectedly missing. Anyone else?

That is one good looking crop of vegetables you got there. That isn't a pick-up line aimed at the veg, mind you. I especially like the pumpkin, with its lampshade look about it. Hope you have a big freezer...

That is much more generous than my farmers' CSA -- I really think he is parsimonious (and doesn't understand that share means percentage of crop not some amount he predetermines or decides to buy from a neighbor. Do they have a website as I would be interested to know how much shares cost (and not quite crass enough to ask outright)? No idea what is missing if it isn't a vegetable -- is it a fruit? apples?

Everyone: Give up? What was missing from the farmshare pickup was the Farmer himself. Another farmer was there, but he doesn’t get the same look of disgust on his face when I start unpeeling the vegetables with my eyes. He just looks amused. It's not the same.

Jasmine: Here's the web site for Drumlin's CSA: http://www.massaudubon.org/Nature_Connection/Sanctuaries/Drumlin_Farm/csa.php

Annemarie: I know you have designs on my farmer. Hands off.

"This is a light day, so to speak (everything’s way easier to understand in menstrual terms)."

That's a little disturbing when talking about food (don't think about eggs) but I have to admit, it made me laugh out loud right at my desk.

I'm weeping on my computer...

I've asked our CSA to consider a winter share this year, but don't know if they are set up for that. Maybe I should send them the link to this post?

I'll drive up to Boston for my meat pick-up (starting in March - yea!!!), but I can't fathom getting to Drumlin, too. Although it would be worth it just to meet Farmer. If Husband is getting jealous, you can let him know that our farmers are mostly women!

Sweet Potatoes. For all of your "Yammy" dishes, I don't think I see one there.

That's just because you're keeping him all to yourself. Also, I've decided that butternut squash specifically is dead to me. I cannot eat another. It's ok though because I still like the acorns and I could live on potatoes... if I had some garlic. Thanks for the link!

Alecto: All to myself is damned right. I'm picking off the other CSA members one by one.

Carey: Good guess. The sweet potatoes have run out, too. I used the last of them the night of the ham steak.

Andrea: Congrats on the meat! I'll let Husband know about your farmers, although he doesn't seem to be too jealous. He might be under the impression that the Farmer is 75 years old.

Melch: I'm just trying to appeal to my male readership.

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