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January 03, 2008


Let me get this straight: you thought PUMPKIN FUDGE might turn out okay?
Addiction is a cruel and terrible thing . . .

I am confused. Halvah as I know it and have known it, is a Middle-Eastern, Turkish confection, made with sesame and other flavorings, chocolate being my favorite..it may look fudge-like in shape but otherwise bears little relation. What is this odd halvah of which you speak? Nevermind..this clears it up:

Try a different type, and no pumpkins please!

I agree with Izzy's mama. I love halvah but cannot STAND fudge! You poor thing. I'm glad you're over your addiction (until next year that is).

There is an Indian dessert called halva (well, that's the approximate spelling). I've never had it with pumpkin. It involves flour, ghee (butter oil), sugar and I think milk or cream. My favorite kind involves shredded carrots in it, but I would not say it's exactly fudge, but pretty yummy.

Halvah the fudge-imposter is one of the few substances I will never allow to cross my lips again. And I've gotten over liver! But god, not halvah. Worse than Turkish delight. Worse than anything that has sugar should be.

pyewacket: Have you had the marbled-chocolate variety? I can't imagine that we are discussing the same food. Then again, there are few things I will not eat and many that I love.

Sorry, My Dear--I thought perhaps your tastes were as sophisticated and refined as mine. Come to think of it, I do have a delicious recipe for pumpkin Ho-Ho's...

Barry: Sophisticated? Refined? Why in the world would you think that? But you did cure my pumpkin problem AND my fudge problem in one fell swoop, so you still have my undying gratitude.

Pyewacket: Amen. And a second, more emphatic amen.

Sunny12: Hmmm. Carrots are still vegetables. I'm going to have to pass.

Sally: Can't stand fudge? Love halva? What kind of mixed-up, crazy world is this? (Also, there's halva in Iowa?)

Izzy's mama: On further reflection, I think there were two problems. One: pumpkins. Two: comparing it to fudge. Fudge needs to be its own standard. Now, this other thing that you're describing doesn't sound bad. I can be down with chocolate or sesame seeds. But, pumpkins definitely have to be out of the equation.

Robert: Good point. But, there isn't time for extensive research when you're chasing a fix.

Yes, dear. We have grocery stores even here in Iowa.

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