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January 04, 2008


Hmmmm.... If it were me, Dad, I'd ask for a re-write. We both know she can do better.

Your Dad was quite the dashing gentleman. I love that he pulled rank to be with your mother when she needed him! What a sweet story.

He's not alone in the hot dog thing, either - my grandfather used to make hot dog soup all the time.

Sure!..."microwave 'em"! We used to have to HEAT THEM ON A STOVE!. With fire and everything .

You're right Sally, she could have done much better! You kind of get the feeling that she just mailed this one in in a half-hearted attempt to make up for months of neglect! BTW, the doctor was a colonel but he wasn't there so I pulled rank on the orderly and the nurses to get into the room. When the colonel finally came, I was already there and gowned up so he chuckled and let me stay. Four years later, when my second daughter was born, I had no trouble getting into delivery!

The plane was a KC-135 and the nickname was "Wrong-Way Donroe". Geez, you think she could have gotten some of the facts right!

Joey - So you still don't know how to use a microwave?

That's a great story about how you were born! I am the third out of 6 so by the time they got to me they were bored with it and had a routine or something.

I personally like to heat the beans on the stove and saute my hot dog slices in a separate pan so the edges get crispy and then mix them together.

*reading other comments*

I see where you get your humor from.

that story was really rather sweet though. perhaps it's because anything with "dad" in it makes me sentimental. ;) happy new year!

I swear, aside from the incredible things you do to vegetables and that thing you've got going on with the farmer (does the farmer know yet?), this is why I come here.

Alecto: Um, yeah, something tells me he has an idea. From now on, all Farmer-related comments must be conducted in Pig Latin. He'll never decode it.

Melissa: I know. Dads = yuck.

Mary: Do you mise en place beforehand?

Dad: Ah, the elusive facts. Sometimes it's hard for a fetus to parse them out.

Joey: Way to keep it real.

Danielle: Mmmmm, hot dog soup. Also, I shouldn't gloss over the role my mom played in all this. It's hard to push when the doctor's yelling, "Suck it up, woman. This ain't 'Nam."

Sally: Where did we get all of these high expectations?!

I use this receipe all the time. However, I also add mustard and relish. Yum! Much better than vegetables!

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