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December 05, 2007


I know exactly what you mean. I adore Farmer Andrew at Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton, Mass. Along with his wife Diane and Chelsea, their market manager... all of them! :) I probably gush way too much and am so in love that I'm bringing them cookies Friday...

Sickening. I did the same thing with the cookies, no joke. This community-based agriculture stuff is TEARING people apart.

I love my CSA. Sophie and Gabe are supplying me with purple carrots today. PURPLE CARROTS. I can't wait. That's probably worth a dozen cookies.

I am considering posting an "In Memoriam" article about the farmers I absolutely adore at my farmers market that I won't see until April. There are still a few left, but it's the ones I love that won't be around. I'm already going through withdrawals.

Bri: Farmers. They're such teases.

Brenda: Purple carrots, huh! Clearly, your farmers love you more than mine loves me.

Ahah, this is quite funny! I know the feeling!

Bea: I knew this would be a sympathetic crowd.

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