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December 13, 2007


Ha! I love it. I don't even have kids and I know to include an extra set of clothes in case I get spilled, barfed, pooped, or slobbered on. You just never know.

Husband: It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 'Nuf said.

Totally agreed on the extra pants. What if you get stuck for an extra night or two and don't have time to do laundry or run to the store? And it's not as if pants are heavy.

I made my husband read this. It probably won't change his behavior but if he ever pees himself in an airport I can say I told him so, well, twice.

So funny! Just another example of the differences in the way men and women think. They try to fight it, but eventually end up having to say we are right in the end!

This falls into the category of "choosing your battles " carefully. Sounds like this is a Yes Dear situation. Resistance is futile. Bring the pants.

Just for the record, I did bring the extra pair of pants. And they did come in handy when I had to stay an extra day due to flight cancellation, I guess.

But also for the record: Barring urine, I can wear the same pair of pants pretty much for two weeks straight. And there are these things called stores. They sell emergency pants.

Husband: I guess if you show up at the store with no pants, that'll get you to the front of the line pretty quickly. Maybe this can be your Christmas shopping strategy.

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