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December 16, 2007


It will be so cool when you win Best Family Blog tomorrow morning, and everyone who comes to congratulate you gets to leave a comment on THIS post.


Great Cake, I'm impressed! And my children will THANK YOU Tammy for making me want to throw children's birthday parties, finally I have found a way to PARTY on like in the Olden Times and with three kids (well one is a bit too old for this but who CARES?)imagine what a lot of fun I will have. just wish you had told me years ago...

If I had known kid parties were like this, I might have reconsidered the whole giving-birth thing!

As your Dad I must officially comment that I am mortified, outraged, angry and generally bummed by your outragious behavior! Unofficially, I wish I was there!

Husband, great cake! Tammy, great story. Best family blog, indeed!

I was pretty proud of the cake. The full extent of Tammy's binge wasn't apparent to me until I found her "asleep" (passed out) upstairs after the party.

She did a lot of shoveling, so she deserved a binge. And a piece of R2D2.

Husband: At least it wasn't a repeat of the sangria incident of 1998.

Melch: Just telling it like it is.

Dad: Have you finished shoveling out, yet? There's a little bit of bourbon left.

Kim: You made the right choice.

Ilva: It's never too late. It may be our only hope of staying young.

Anita: The horrors. I would have immediately lost any readers I stood to gain.

Great post. I have bourbon but no snow.

Megan: Any weather disturbance will do. Fog? Cool breeze?

Having savored far too many vodka concoctions tonight I can only say your husband deserves about a billion high-fives for the cake. But don't worry, Tammy, it's still all about you.

This could be the funniest post of the year. Next year, may I suggest nips in the party favor bags? Happy holidays!

Erin: Brilliant idea!

Jim: Good. This blog is just about the only thing I have anymore that's mine, all mine.

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