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December 24, 2007


At first, due to this SLOW motel down load, I thought that it was a punch down clown. But that's just the way my mind is working today. Airline travel does that to me. But I guess ... Butternut squash. I'll check to see how I did in about two weeks.
Happy New Year.

No guesses, but a merry merry to you and I can't wait to hear all the good things you're eating tomorrow.

It's not a Kitchenaid, either. Santa is a cheapskate.

Butternut squash is an awesome guess! I second it!

yes a butternut squash! And if not that an overgrown adolescent pandoro or panettone!
Have a great Christmas!

I was thinking blender, but I so hope it is a butternut squash! Happy Holidays!

Butternut squash is right! Gold stars for Brenda, Vicki, and Ilva. The lucky recipients? My in-laws. (It's not what you think, though -- I do actually like them.)

And, yes, Santa is a HUGE cheapskate.

Hahaha, more squash! Great wrapping job =) Merry Christmas!

A bag of sugar. :-)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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