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December 27, 2007


send fudge

Joey: Fudge made. And eaten.

Any other ideas?

No... But look on the bright side. It didn't involve squash of any kind

Wait a minute. Can you make fudge out of squash???

I'm a fudge junky as well. Somehow I managed not to make any this year. Mainly because I can't find all of the ingredients easily, not to mention cheaply. Next time, mail some to me. I'm always available for fudge.

You... you mean you ate my fudge?

Mom: Yes. But, I had an epiphany last night. I'll just bring the ingredients to your house and make it there. Then, you can handcuff me to your largest piece of furniture while I watch you eat it. Weeping.

Linda: When I said help, I meant everyone should send ME more fudge.

I desperately want to make a joke re: fudge and its packing. Is that offensive?

I'm like that with cookies. It's terrible.

Personally, I do not find this recipe interesting at all. Of course, I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF educated at Peter Kumps Culinary Institute in New York City (where I was born and raised).

I would submit that a person of my educational background does NOT eat peecans as those southern people do (look how obese they are!).

I'm a 50-year old Italian immigrant (my mother was a factory worker in Brooklyn, my father was a milkman until he ran off with a floozie and deserted us).

I have a "hour-glass" figure and my current boyfriend called "THE MANAGER" (he is SOOoo good to me, after four men used my body and then divorced me).

My daughter is in prison (for drugs, you understand), but when she gets out, I am going back to Brooklyn, New York.

Oh yum. Fudge. Now I know why I didn't make any.

Ash: Until they make condoms for fudge, abstinence really is the best policy.

ChiffOnade: It's certainly not interesting compared to the story you just told. Good luck with THE MANAGER. Looks like you found yourself a keeper!

Mary: Terrible and awesome at the same time.

Fudge Packer: It's okay. I just told the Internet to cover its eyes.

I so went through this years ago with truffles and a recipe that said they tasted best when made a month in advance. And, of course, I had to taste and ...

Surely there must be a 12-step program somewhere.


I love penuche, love this post and love all of the comments. I just frightened my family by snorting VERY loudly in the middle of an unseemly giggle.

Oh yeah, nice photo!

I swear Tammy, you crack me up. My husband and I just made over 100 truffles in a variety of flavors as X-mas presents. I had a taste here and a taste there, and frankly, I am so sick of chocolate at this point, a good deal of truffles are in the fridge asking to be eaten or given away...SOMETHING useful. They are really tasty, but I OD'd. I think I'd get that way with fudge too, so, I can't really relate. So, I'll just sit here smugly while you suffer through your 12 steps of fudge addiction. ;)

I, like you, am a prisoner of something very similar to penuche: homemade pralines. They are made pretty much exactly the same way as penuche, but dropped into patties to harden instead of a pan and cut into squares, like penuche. I finish them off with a sprinkling of fleur de sel or some other great sea salt, which makes them even more crack-like and f-ing impossible to stop eating. Mercifully, I just gave away the last of it. It was KILLING me. How can something so bad be so good, or vice-versa?

And yes, you can indeed make fudge out of squash. Check it out:

Oh, um... can I have that penuche recipe?

I agree with others - don't be selfish . . . share the penuche recipe! Apparently I require another addiction in my life.

Jerry and Ann: I knew somebody was going to ask me that. It's dangerous information, but I'll see what I can do.

Joanna: I can only imagine the self-destruction that would take place if even a single grain of fleur de sel landed on my penuche. And now I can think of nothing else. We are soul sisters.

Bri: I don't know how you have such strength of character. I can't rest knowing that anything like that is in the house.

Almost Vegetarian: Did you make it to a month? That's like 5 lifetimes in fudge years.

To backtrack a little to the squash fudge idea, the cooks of India attended to that one long ago, creating a sweet that's now a well-established part of their repertoire. Here's a recipe for pumpkin halvah, chosen at random from the Web:

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