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December 07, 2007


About the chocolate: are we talking unsweetened or something else? There's not a ton of sugar, which makes me suspicious that maybe semisweet is the stuff, but maybe the icing makes up for it?

Sarah: Thanks for catching that. Yes, semi-sweet is right. I've added it in above.

I made these cookies last night and thought they turned out nicely, even if they weren't perfectly round balls. They are so pretty! I like that the cookie itself isn't all that chocolatey--the icing makes up for it. I interpreted your recipe to mean two squares and I used a Hershey's Baking Bar (dark, slightly sweet). My frosting is still a bit sticky this morning though--and I don't frost cookies enough to know why or how to correct that next time.

oooh, they look like moose poop! ha ha, that's a Canadian reference. For us urban Canadians who barely know what a moose looks like, moose poop are bags of chocolate candy that are sold in every souvenir shop across Canada.
Happy eating!

Sunny12: Thanks for that wonderful image. As if the name "chocolate balls" weren't enough.

Kathy: So glad you liked them. As for the frosting, I've made it four times now and one of those times I had that stickiness problem and had no idea why. Maybe humidity? Maybe a bit too much milk. I'll see if I can figure it out during all this upcoming holiday baking.

I had trouble with chocolate cookies the other day, too.

I'm blaming my cookie problems on global warming...it seems to be the escape-goat trend lately - LOL!

These look absolutely adorable Tammy! I keep on trying to pluck them out of the computer, but no luck. Oh, and I've now got the Chef from South Park's song stuck in my head...

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