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December 22, 2007


you ate 17 of those?!

Sure feels like I ate that many.

I really didn't need to bake anything else but those do look good..

No wonder there's never any left for me!!

I think there are support groups to help people who eat 17 SevenLayer cookies at one sitting. Thats .... 119 layers !

Wow. That makes me want to eat some avocado dip, with, oh... some olives... some beans... sour cream for sure... chopped canned tomato-pepper "salsa" (That's Ro-tel, right?)... a little grated cheese... and. And.
Ugh. I can't think of the seventh layer.

I love 7 layer bars. I always heard magic bars are 7 layer bars without the butterscotch chips. Never heard of them as Hello Dolly bars. Crap. Now I want them.

Megan: Interesting. I guess the name *6-layer bars* doesn't have quite the same ring to it. However, I think magic bars without the butterscotch chips would suffer from a severe lack of magic.

CC: Ice cream?

Joey: Those are some nifty math skills. And I don't have a problem.

Dad: Now you have the recipe!

IM: I'll trade you some for a few of those walnut cookies you made.

I made 5 batches of cookies this year. I'm DONE! Done, I tell you!! Santa's just going to have to choke down my sugar cookie and like it!

Yeah, right! I fell into that trap once already! Never again!!

Those look tasty!

These are very simple to make and I even leave off the nuts and butterscotch. Just double the chocolate or use an entire package of semi sweet choc. chips. It always a hit at parties and an easy first dish for a young cook to make.

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