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December 26, 2007


Hubbard squash sounds delicious and your boy is hillarious!

Nice feast! Beautiful shots.
And I like that last pic the best.

Just to warn everyone, Gingerbread House 2007 is petrifying nicely on top of the fridge as we speak.

I daresay Mr. Mouse-sicle could use a house out there in the yard.

I do hope the squash went over well. I'm counting on this method of squash distribution as a fallback when I decide I just can't look at another one!

Kim: The squash went over very well. I've even gotten requests. Now, I'm getting all possessive of what's left, which makes no sense.

Husband: It seems we're only lacking a trailer to complete our white trash lifestyle. (Just kidding about the trailer, Bob!)

CC: Hardly a trace of squash left!

Mary: I'd have no blog material if it weren't for him.

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