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December 17, 2007


hmmm... ok, here is a posted comment? I'm sorry I didn't log into all seventy work stations at my disposal and vote more than once!

You totally got robbed... I know I always get a kick out of this blog and constantly check to see if you've posted something new. Maybe next year!

you are *SO* getting our quickseals :D

Anita: Now, that's what I call good sportsmanship!

Sandicita: Nah, we're all winners. Just some of us might not have our snacks sealed up as tightly as others.

Alecto: But, that would have been CHEATING. No, if you're going to lose, you have to lose fair and square.

Well, it's been nice knowing you. I'll obviously have to update my favorites list. On the other hand, a quick search of that other blog show no entries for CSA and only 3 for squash.
You're a winner in my book.

Three nominations and two finalist slots.....not too shabby for a one year (more or less) blog! You should be proud! I am! Now, you need to plan for next year with more posts about...

You were completely robbed....Who do we need to speak to about this???

I personally think you're hillarious. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. (I've been lurking for a while now.)

Well it's through the nominations that I found your blog, so I'm a winner, at least. Love the place!

no, no cheating! I'm slicker than that. I would have made very occupant at those workstations login and vote personally. Even if I had to hold their hands over the mouse, guiding it like on a oujie board.

Alecto: Also, I hear the spirit world has huge untapped voter potential.

Annie: You have a new fan in me, as well.

Mary: Thanks for that and for delurking!

Kathy: God says he's a little bit busy right now. But, thanks!

Dad: More posts about...crap, who did you want me to write about, again?

Brenda: If squash is what you want, it would appear that I'm your woman.

Dang, I thought for sure you would take the humor category (great, now I have to question my sense of humor). As for the Family/Kids category, obviously Preschooler and Husband need to step up their game. Well, I will continue to read, but I refuse to laugh.

considering I found you because of the awards, it makes me very happy indeed that you were nominated. I still think you should have taken it. I love your humor. :) and I will continue to read, for sure.

I am so glad you were nominated because it led me to your blog, which cracks me up...My daughter keeps asking me what I am lol at on the computer :)

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