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December 12, 2007


I'm a new reader and I guarantee that after your name is out there even more, you'll have a ton more subscribers. One stop and they'll be hooked :)

Here's how utterly uncool I was in high school: I ran for secretary and my friend Kate ran for treasurer. Because we thought that everyone probably watched reruns of "Bewitched" after school like we did, our posters said "If you like Darrin, Vote for Karen!" and "If you like Larry Tate, Vote for Kate!" Do I need to tell you that we both lost?

Will it help if I park myself on your site all day?

I spoke to all of my friends and they both agreed to vote for you!
See, I did my part!

How do we vote?

YOu will be happy to know that I happened to stumble onto your blog for the first time today (via the food blog award site where I was logging a vote for a blog I like in the rural category).Your post cracked me up and I am now going back to the site (as soon as I finish up this comment) to vote for you in family category. I hope you get more than close. Good luck!

Nicole: How excellent. Thanks!

Carey: Just click on the links in the first sentence and you'll be magically transported to democracy at its finest!

Dad: So did my two. I hope they weren't the same people.

Alecto: It probably won't help the numbers, but it WILL give me the warm fuzzies.

Karen: Which Darrin are we talking about. Dick York or that CRAPPY Dick Sargeant?

Kristen: Who needs awards when you can have nice comments like that? Thanks!

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