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December 06, 2007


Yes! Food = Love. No question. Nothing compares to buying great food directly from the people who produce it, preparing it with good tools, and sitting around a table, enjoying delicious food and the company of loved ones.

Bri: Food might equal Love, but it's the Love equaling Food that I need to work on, I think. For everyone's sake.

*Which* troll world, exactly?

Jim: Does the name Azeroth mean anything to you? And how the hell are you, anyway?!!

Ah, Azeroth...I tried you for months, and then left you for greener climes...climes with more gunfire and real-time virtual combat. Halo 3 will always bring me more pleasure than endless mouseclickery.

And I'm not bad! Pursuing various new modes of employment, getting ready for Christmas, mourning that Vegas kicked my ass last weekend...and missing all my old food blogs.

It's good to be back. :)

yes. food. yep. :)

"(Husband goes back to his own special brand of therapy: fighting heroic quests in an imaginary troll world.)"

or with a team of marines or british special ops fighting in urban warfare... or in a land with aliens where you are known as master chief... or in a strange underworld city in the 40's which has been created for god knows what purpose...

yeah. LOL.

Okay, I just discovered your blog via the Food Blog Awards humor category (where have I been?). I made it down the homepage as far this post, and now I have to go back and vote for you. Love your sense of humor (and of course that you love your farmer). Can't wait to read more. ; )

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