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November 06, 2007


That's a drag. I guess eating local isn't sexy or controversial enough.

Next year we eat local, but as cannibals.

CBS, you WILL come crawling back!

Damn! I was really looking forward to that! The idiots.

Oh no! I second everyone above. :-(

Susanna and Sally: Thanks for your condolences. Right now, I'm working on the lesser known 6th step: relief.

Husband: Crap, I didn't even think of that. Can we go back to bargaining?

Kalyn: Not sexy is right. Did I mention my hair?

It wasn't you T, it was me! Once those network prima donnas took a look at my interview they knew they were history if it ever ran on national TV. They had to spike the show to protect themselves. Really, I tried to tone it down but that natural charisma of mine is tough to hide. Thank goodness I don't have an overbearing ego!

Ya want I should send uncle Luigi to have a chat wit 'em ?

I was going to comment, but I can't top the cannibals comment above. So I'll just say "bummer".

If it's any consolation, CBS is a dinosaur of a network that has utterly failed to embrace new media and thus, will likely die a painful death as another major media company (TimeWarnerAOLGENBCViacomDisneyABC) will buy them and gut them while trying to milk whatever cachet or relvance may still linger within their dying brand. So there!

FERM: And to think, they could have avoided all that with a simple little story about families supporting local farmers.

Luther: Somehow, the world keeps turning.

Joey: Send 'em.

Dad: You're right. It's not everyday they get to see charisma like that!

Well at least I don't have to stay tuned on CBS~ I am changing the channel NOW.

Maybe you could ask CBS for the tape and YouTube it.

CC: What, and immortalize my hair?

Sandi: I just smashed my TV set with a baseball bat, but, um, yeah, I guess changing the channel would have been fine, too.

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