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November 05, 2007


This sounds right up my alley. My son and I eat hot breakfast every morning, we love it. And he actually ate plain pumpkin with a spoon the other day (to my shock). So he'd no doubt love this too.

Whether I will get off my ass and make it remains to be seen. I'm very lazy right now.

I wasn't too excited to hear about this, but the description actually sounds pretty good.

Must be that I am a bit into squash-overload here with all the farmshare squash we're eating these days.

I can see how this could become addictive, if I had the energy and discipline to make a hot breakfast every day! Such an interesting recipe, though -- I will bookmark and try it.

Lydia: It's very soothing and comforting. I hope you like it.

Husband: Is a 100% squash diet grounds for divorce?

Susanna: What a cute little pumpkin-eater he is. I bet he would like this, but given what's on your plate right now, there's always next year.

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