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November 13, 2007


>>Judging by how these came out, I would make an awesome Jew.<<

OMG, that was heee-larious

Normally I would just laugh and not comment, but you are brilliantly funny.

Ha ha!
The first time I made latkes, they came out so good I almost changed my name to Devorah.

I'm always looking for creative uses for the radish. I never really do anything too exciting with the poor radish...

Trevor: I'd almost be happy eating only open-faced radish sandwiches with butter and sea salt. Until now. Now I must have latkes, too.

CC: Could it be that latkes are just easy to make? The Jews need to impose stricter requirements, I think.

Sasha: You have an open invitation to comment here whenever you want. How about tomorrow?

Anita: You, too. I'll bring the canned corned beef hash.

Maybe the Jews need a shibboleth.

And yet I, a bona-fide Jewish lady, can only make fair-to-not bad latkes.

Oy, there's no fairness in this world.

P.S. I'm stealing your recipe, thank you.

Ahhhh hahahahah hysterical....

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