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November 16, 2007



Happy blogday :) I started reading your blog a few months ago after someone recommended it as an eating local resource while you were doing the challenge, and it was a great one. Also, cookie recipes!

Happy Blog Birthday! This is definitely one of my favorite blogs, and as soon as my cookie sheets arrive I'm gonna get to make those chocolate spice cookies... mmmmmm

Happy Blog Birthday! I also made it over here during the Eat Local Challenge and I stayed for the recipes and the Toddler (of which I also have one. And a funny one he is as well) And I don't know what I am going to do with all these cookie recipes, but they are taunting me!

Happy Blog Birthday! I'm one of those terrible lurkers, I think I may have delurked once before.

I just found your blog and started reading it regularly a few weeks ago. I had to catch up and so I read most of it all at once--like a book. The book publishers are nuts--I love your Family Cookbook with the recipes, photos and background stories of your relatives. I can already visualize this cookbook on my bookshelf.

I agree with Kathy! When the hell you gonna get that thing published? Damn, woman! Anyway - Happy BB-Day Tammy. You've certainly made me a happier woman this past year. 13, huh? Is that counting comments left by your family? LOL I can't even get my husband to read my posts let alone comment. Hi dad! :)

Oh - and I like the lighter captcha. I can actually SEE the characters. (Does this count as two?)

buon compleanno!

Happy Blogiversary! Keep posting all those wonderful recipes and old photos, and especially the funny stories about your kids. I'm still in awe that you did the Eat Local Challenge with little ones.

I came. I lurked. I ate. Happy Blogbirthday !

Whoa! Comment extortion, eh? OK, I'll comment. I (almost) always do. xo

Happy Year!

Happy Blog Birthday Sis! I'd send an expensive gift, but chances are, I'd order it late and then have it shipped to myself (accidentally?) Thanks for entertaining me!

HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! I haven't posted in a while but had to this time. Am I number 14? By the way, how's your wonderful Dad? We need more posts about him!

Happy Blogaversary ~=D

I too joined in during the Eat Local challenge, because hey, I'm local, and I like to eat, and... Anyway, I love your writing. And your family cookie recipes. I vote for another year, at least!

Okay, I know this is twice, but I forgot to say, I made an RSS feed (called foodonfood) of your blog on LiveJournal so that folks over there could read you. So you have readers over there, too!

I read your blog on Saturdays and Sundays, Tammy! Are you telling me that not everyone compulsively checks their blog lists for new posts each time they sit down at their computer? I can stop any time I want to, you know!

Happy blog birthday! :)

I nearly wet myself reading "Ask the Pseudo-Chef" at work last week...

wow, I thought I was the only one with so many reject posts in the queue. (OK, not 86 pages, but many many.)

Happy blog-birthday to you!

Wow. Best blog birthday ever. Thanks, guys. I was worried you weren't going to come through and I'd be forced to shut down the blog for good (#1 rule of parenting: always follow through on your threats). But, then, what would I do with these 86 pages of gold?

All right...is that enough???

OK, I delurk. Over and over again! Only a year? It feels longer and I'm happy it does, now I really want to read those 86 pages.
Happy Anniversary Tammy!

Happy blog birthday Tammy! Your blog always cracks me up, it's so funny. Am really curious for those 86 extra pages now.

About the camera manual, I've never read mine either. When I'm snapping and the pic isn't right, I shove the camera in my partner's hands and say 'it's too light/dark/whatever, do something about it'. Works just fine for me :)

happy blog b-day! I wonder how one should celebrate. Anyway, made the choc-chip cheesecake cookies and they were gobbled down pretty quick. can't wait to try the other cookie recipes.

Happy blog birthday! I am delurking, after several months of enjoyment. I got hooked after a "tastespotting" entry of yours, and thank you for the recipes, with the dash of family history thrown in. Love them!

Delurking again to offer congratulations. I enjoy the way you write. Dad and Husband are fun too.

I am so glad you joined the blog world. The Internet became brighter when you started up your blog! Here's to many more blog-days.

Happy One Year! I love your writing and can't wait to read for another year!

Great, thanks for making me delurk (and assessing my own reasons for lurking - I've settled on laziness).

Happy belated blogiversary from a reader on the Cape (also trying to eat local).

Happy belated blogaversary! I started reading your blog this summer and have commented a couple of times... I love your writing. Hope you keep going!

Happy blog birthday! Sorry for the late wishes - I was at an ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend. I'm not saying that it's more important than reading FotF but after all these cookie recipies, I need some way to burn calories so I can continue eating chocolate chip cheesecake cookies!

Very happy blog birthday to you! I've been reading Catherine Newman's Dalai Mama journal on Wondertime.com for 4 or 5 years now, so I'm happy to stick in there for years of musings. Keep 'em coming!

I am so glad I stopped by on yardsale day and found out about your blog! It has been a great (daily) read and a source of inspiration. Keep it up girl!

ps I miss poaching your dinner recipes

I'm totally late to this party, but much like in real life, when my friends get birthday presents a month after the fact, here I am. Happy first birthday. You're quite a precocious blog, yes you are! Yes you are! A-coochy-coochy-coo! A coochy-coochy-coo!

Can you tell I've got an 11-week old at home? I almost added, "Smile for daddy! Can you smile for daddy!" but decided it would come off as creepy in this context and possibly upset Husband.

Wow - even later to the party! I rock!

I absolutely LOVE your blog, even though I just found it, and have just speed read through the archives. I'm laughing so hard I've got coffee coming out of my nose and my boyfriend keeps looking at me weird....

Seriously - I wish I had wit like yours, and I've tried... Happy blog b-day and keep writing!

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