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November 19, 2007


So *that's* what those things look like! I ran across a recipe on All Recipes that had them in it and it looked good, but I'd never heard of them before. Cool - you don't have to peel them? I can go with that. Looks yummy Tammy.

That really is obscenely beautiful. I am now officially starving!

That squash is so pretty (and doesn't need peeling - surely the perfect squash!). I'm not sure if we get these ones in the UK, though I guess it is possible that they just go under a different name over here!
The spicy, sticky sweet nuts sound great too. Can I be nosey and ask what you served anything with it (if anything)?

Doesn't need peeling? And I'm taking a delicata squash dish to a T-giving party?
I love you.

So can you use other types of need-to-be-peeled squash in this recipe. I sure hope so, because my squash is in the oven roasting even as I type this...

Ok, the non-delicata squash worked just fine. I did discover that I liked this dish hot better than at room temp (my husband was home late so we ate it not-hot). For richer flavor next time I might consider tossing a bit if butter in with the oil when roasting the squash.

Jana: Agreed, hot is better. It improves the next day, too, as you've no doubt already discovered.

CC: I don't mind scooping soft, roasted squash out of its shell, but peeling hard, raw squash leads to swearing. Lots of it.

Sophie: It also goes by Bohemian Squash and Sweet Potato Squash. I just made it for lunch one day, but it would go well with a simple roast chicken.

Alecto: Come back anytime!

Sally: I've never had them before this year. Not sure I'd ever seen them before. They're good, though. Chestnut-y (if I can even remember what chestnuts taste like).

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