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October 01, 2007


I, for one, have been incredibly impressed (and incredibly hungry) reading your blog this month. That last recipe, the shepherd's pie, was especially inspiring (of awe and, again, hunger).

Free at last!

We had fish sticks and french fries for dinner last night. It was a nice change, but we'll still be doing a lot of home cooking I suspect. Especially now that the colder months are starting. Time for soups, pies, and CHILI!


*wild applause*

I'm incredibly impressed you managed to stick to your guns for an entire month, exemptions or no. I can't even make it to the farmer's market more than twice a month, and you managed to eat almost entirely locally every bloody day. If I wore a hat at work, it'd be off to you right now!

Thanks, guys. And thank YOU for ignoring my multiple desperate e-mails demanding potato chips, bourbon, and the like. Though, at the time, I thought you were bastards, now I see what true friends you really are.

True friends. Yes. That's it. Certainly wasn't stockpiling Bourbon for my own greedy needs.

...*steps in front of huge collection of bottles*

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