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October 24, 2007


Whenever he mopes, and if it comes to the Ultimate Loss, just remind him: at least he's not a Cubs fan.

Watching those three games was like your mother bitterly telling you that Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and God didn't exist in rapid, pitiless succession.

As much as I understand your pain (does Husband play fantasy football?), I'm going to have to side with Husband here in favor of the Sox. Are you at least using the opportunity to eat some good baseball-inspired food? We're doing sausages and peppers for dinner. Yummmmmm.

Think of the Sox post-season as Husband's own "Eat Local Challenge," except that instead of having to, say, grind your own flour, you can eat whatever you want and watch baseball.

(Also, don't forget the rejuvenated Celtics.)

I like my Sox. What can I say?

And yes, Sox food should be on the table every night, and I was glad to see hot dogs last night. Bring on the sausages!!

I don't do fantasy football (I have always been terrible at those things, March Madness, etc). But I do insist on a little quality time with Mr. Tom Brady each week.

I was planning a food photo today. Cranky wanted me to include his Red Sox hat in it.

CC: In the lobster stock? Better without.

Husband: This wasn't the 4-page rebuttal I was expecting.

Masshole: Sounds like a no-brainer when you put it that way.

Susanna: A Scrooge I may be, but we're still having sausages.

Jim: I feel for you. Someday, the dream will be yours, and Santa, God, and the Tooth Fairy will all be in attendance.

My husband who has Sicilian heritage (I don't really know if his behaviour in this question has to do with that or if it's just in his nature) has a different way to 'follow' his soccer team (Milan, obviously Milan based), instead of crying for their losses, he rejoices in the losses of Inter (another Milan based soccer team) and Juventus (Turin based), traditional enemies of Milan. I'm still surprised of the pure joy it gives him... not very nice maybe but it seems better than what you describe. Maybe.

Ha, this cracked me up...

Ha! Now that's entertainment! Thank you Tammy! Oh, btw, DH wanted Cleveland to win, but I wanted the Sox to win because of you guys.

We're an expat Sox household (ah, but the Nation is nationwide!).

I used to feel your pain, but now I'm a fan, too. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Childog, anyone? :)

Anita: It's just so EXHAUSTING.

Sally: Thanks for pulling for us. I owe you one.

Luisa: I'm still loving your gluten-free post.

Ilva: I forgot to mention that my husband does the same thing when the Yankees lose. Oh, the euphoria.

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