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October 15, 2007


Somehow blood is a fascinating topic for the preschooler. Maybe because it often involves cool things like Sesame Street Band-Aids and such.

Have you ever read "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury? At least I think it was Bradbury. It has a twist ending that might suggest a more sinister meaning for the mountain of mommy's rainbow jelly blood.

Hater: Crap. The Preschooler just finished that book. I've never read it, but I'm sleeping with one eye open, just in case.

Husband: It's only fascinating when it's not his own jelly blood.

Your PRESCHOOLER is already reading Bradbury? I didn't do Fox in the Forest or Fahrenheit 451 until junior high. This kid is going to be an evil genius.

Or a benevolent one! Who...just happens to be fascinated by jellied blood. Yeah...

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