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October 03, 2007


Happy Birthday!!!!

Thanks, and Happy Birthday! May the Sox win one in your honor!

The very happiest of birthdays !

Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful recipe! Also, very impressive, what you did in September. I wouldn't have made it!

That sounds like an incredible shepards pie. Will def. try making that. Thanks for the birthday gift :)

Happy birthday, and thanks for the recipe!

My birthday's coming up this weekend, so I'll have to find one in my file worth making.

I like this new idea! Your birthday, my present(s)! I'll pick up my chocolate Mousse and Key Lime pies when I come over a week from Monday. BTW this new tradition ends come March!

I cooked this up yesterday and it was awesome! My son was a bit dismayed that the potatoes were orange ones, but he ate it anyways.

Oh, and I layered the lumps of carrots and celery and onion on top of the meat when I made the pie part of the recipe. They tasted just great.

I would recommend this recipe for a large holiday meal as an alternative to a turkey or ham. Much tastier, IMO.

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