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October 04, 2007


Welcome back to soy sauce and stuff.
But just because your month is over, you don't have to quit eating local food. You don't have to do it 100% like you were -- that was too hard. But keep it up. Fun. Yay.

why doesn´t dinner cook itself I wonder. every day.

I make reservations for dinner. Happy belated Birthday, Tammy.

Scientists predict dinner will begin cooking itself once artificial intelligence has entered every facet of our electronic lives.

Ironically, this will also be the point where humanity is overthrown by malevolent and hyper-intelligent machines, but at least the machines will be excellent cooks.

Jim: It's a tough call. Do they also clean?

Sally: We'll be doing a lot more of that now, too!

Ilva: I wonder if my dinner ingredients would respond to "tough love."

CC: I think I can manage 75% local eating in the summer. Maybe 13.5% in the winter.

Agreeing with cookiecrumb: you don't have to do it 100%. I do admire that you did, though!

I'm slowly ramping up as I discover CT and local food there (I'm a NY transplant).

I too keep a blog about my adventures and discoveries, but not my daily menu: http://locavores.blogspot.com

Good luck!

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