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October 11, 2007


You should definitely try calling your credit card company! I haven't been in exactly the situation you're describing (thank heavens -- I'd be out of my mind with rage), but I've had other reasons to call and have always been pleasantly surprised. It's worth a shot.

Oh oh oh! You DO have my exact cabinets. Hee hee. I don't have hardware, though, so Brickman's was never an issue.
So sorry. Good luck.
I've decided to "respect" the oak and not refinish it. Urgh.

Definitely call your credit card company and dispute the charge. Often, they'll take on the risk for you and credit your account. Unless they're a crappy-ass credit card company.

By all means T, call the credit card company. Do you have the same CC as me? If so, they are usually better than most about things like this.

Two steps:
1. Call the credit card company.
2. Hire a bounty hunter.

The second step isn't strictly necessary, but I think it'd be highly satisfying.

They're all way ahead of me, but I'll chime in, too: Your credit-card company will be very interested in this. It may take a month or so while they wait to hear Brickman’s side of the story (that should be amusing) but you will get your money back eventually.

Something's telling me I should call the credit card company! Thanks, guys. Of all the numbers I thought to call, that wasn't one of them.

muffintop: No hardware on your cabinets? You might be on to something there. How do you get the drawers open? Also, how can I respect the oak when the cabinets get so much pleasure out of disrespecting me? They openly mock me day and night.

I had a similar experience... only it was with the distributor with whom I just signed. Here one day... gone the next.

Somewhere, a store is going to open specializing in hardware and new age sidelines, and when it does, we'll get 'em.

Because I like to be a contrarian, I offer the following advice: don't pay your credit card company.

Subtract the amount of the pulls from each payment. When they start charging 24.9 percent interest call customer service and explain that you can't pay the finance charges because your cabinets are ugly. Then hang up without further explanation.

They'll decide you're crazy and not to be messed with.

At least you have cabinets in your kitchen to feel they are ugly. Remember that story about griping about your shoes until some guy without feet shows up ( and why he would need shoes without feet was lost on me as a child!!), well, I have been semi renovated for more than 5 years and haven't had but 1 3 foot long by 2 sheleves high cabinet in my kitchen. That is what happens when someone takes a powder with your renovation money and leaves you half done!!

On a good note, you used a credit card, so call them right away and file for not getting the merchandise- they should back you up and hopefully, you'll get the $$ back.

Good luck, enjoyed the blog!

OK, these people are complete dirtbags. A dear friend of mine spent a fortune with them only to receive horrible service, unending delays on delivery, and list PLUS prices...she too got the 'screw' treatment spoken of here...I agree--1) dispute to your CC company--Fair Credit Billing Act provides for some of this, the rest is to be determined in small claims court; 2) smear campaign on the owners, don't know them, but their horrible service in the store and on the phone speaks volumes of their dirtbaggedness; 3) yes, hire a bounty hunter--Boba Fett would do nicely, but any thug from an urban area or some other underwordly region would as well. Other options--Santeria o Vodun. You get the drift.

I have a gift certificate I was getting ready to use. It's only $25.00. I guess I'll wait and see if they re-open.

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