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October 26, 2007


These were my favorite ! These and the frosted chocolate spice cookies. My all time favorites.
And the coconut meltaways.

How come this stuff is never around when I come to visit?

Yum! These look amazing. I must make them!

Jaay: You can't go wrong with these.

Dad: I know homemade bread isn't QUITE as good as these, but it's still something.

Joey: More all-time favorites to come!

OMG. I'm kinda wishing I hadn't found this post. ; )

oh geez, this looks amazing, and is just what I'm looking for to make for a christmas gift! What size pan did you use?

These were very good. I cut it in half and used a brownie square pan and it worked find.

I've had this bookmarked for months and finally have an occasion to make it! (as in, an occasion that isn't me setting aside a night to eat a whole pan of cookies)

If you see this, I was wondering if I could make them a couple days ahead and have them still be good...

These cookies/bars turned out GREAT! The recipe is so easy. I baked these for my company's Christmas party and they were the dessert hit! People thought they took much longer to make than they actually did. I'll definitely use this recipe again! Thanks!

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