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October 12, 2007


Yum. I like the cookies-'til-'08 idea.

Man those look good! I wish you'd get your damn cookbook published so I could quit nicking them off the internet. ;)

These were really good - I shamefully admit to having three for breakfast this morning.

Tammy gave me four to take home in the car but they never made it there!

you guys are lucky to be able to grab free cookies as good looking as those! Really Tammy, you should start charging those free-loaders! I've never made biscotti, but am tempted by those, esp. since they bake once, not twice.

Hey, Starbuck's sells biscotti with coffee. That TOTALLY means it's okay to eat these for breakfast.

Whoa - am I looking at a display window at a bakery? These seem amazing...Starbucks should contract you.

well except she's already given away the recipe. Who's going to buy the cow when you can make the milk for free?

You heard the woman. Make 'em yourself. This cow ain't for sale!

Sunny12: That's for damn sure.

Carey: Aw, shucks.

Jim: It's totally, totally okay to eat these for breakfast. With bourbon, regardless of Starbuck's's position (I think I forgot how to punctuate).

Dad: Pace yourself, man.

Husband: Ditto.

Sally: Don't think for a minute I'm not working on it.

Susanna: That's going to be my official campaign slogan. "Cookies Til 2008." Vote for me!

Hee hee. "Starbuck's's."

...great, now I'm snickering to myself at the office, and the visiting regional bigwigs think I'm crazy.

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