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October 09, 2007


You, my dear, are a godsend. I have been trying to think of a dessert for the 9-11 year olds for next week that didn't take too long to hit the oven as we are making French Onion Salisbury steaks with cheese toasts for the main course and that was going to take quite awhile.
If you have any other words of wisdom about the recipe, pass it along, otherwise all just assume this sucker is a go!

I've been craving apple pie, but didn't want to make a crust - this looks perfect! Thank you so much!

That damn chef ruined Stockholm for me. Any time someone walked by on a cellphone I heard "Flurgen gurgen durgen, bork bork bork" and burst out laughing.

I may not be 9 years old but that apple pie is just my speed!

I love the Swedish chef and apple pie too!

I'm gonna make this! I never bake; I seldom eat dessert... but this is perfect.
I'm picking apples from a friend's tree on Sunday. Might have to get a bunch.
Bork bork bork!

muffintop: Excellent!

Trev: Even the Swedish chef can't screw up this pie.

melch: I may never roll a crust again.

Jim: Henson was a genius.

X2: You're welcome. Anyone who survived the bionator gets to have pie.

Jo: It's a go. Those lucky ducks.

I made the pie with some peaches and it turned out great--I would suggest cooking it just a bit less, though. the edges were ever so slightly burnt.

We ran a test run oday in 9" aluminium disposable pans, our send home pan of choice at c-a-c. 4.5 apples is our limit and it took 1 hour 5 minutes and it was damn, damn good. It's a go.

Jo and Jana: Glad you liked it, and thanks for reporting back. Sounds like cooking times are all over the board. If anyone else makes this, check it after 40 minutes, but keep your schedule clear for the next half hour.

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