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October 31, 2007


I'm right up there with you. I may have to run out at 4:30 to replace the bag I've eaten already.

Well, I sorta like the chocolate Neccos.
Found a whole roll of chocolate Neccos once.
Happy boo-day. We're handing out Smarties; almost illegally antiquarian.

CC: I can do Smarties under duress. I'll be right over once I've stripped the Butterfingers and 100 Grands from my kids' booty.

Susanna: With all of the packaging, I'm pretty sure one of those bags of miniatures is the equivalent of one regular-sized candy bar.

Yeah, I'm counting on it. Because certainly by now I've consumed 2 whole bags myself. We in Salem always overbuy because every few years, we have a million trick-or-treaters. This year it was the usual 100 (really) and so we had lots of extra. I just ate 2 Almond Joys, 1 Reese's, and 2 Kit-Kats. I'm blaming on this baby I'm carrying. It's all her fault.

It totally is her fault. At least she has good taste!

Don't deprive yourself of eating candies in Halloween. After all, it just happens once a year. But make sure to maintain proper dental care. Remember to brush, floss and go on regular dental check-ups.

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