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September 05, 2007


Thanks for posting your food sources. I don't know why I never heard about Russo's, but I forsee regular visits there. Their site says about 75% of their produce is local in the fall.

well the challenge certainly makes you think of food differently. I never would have thought of steaming barley as a side dish, instead of rice. How was it? I might try that myself.

oh, and we want recipes! Like sausage and crabapple hash.

Amazingly, I didn't even know you could eat crabapples. I just knew you could pelt your older brothers with them (hey, worked for me).

Cranberry hash recipe, heck. I want maple ice cream!

I think the daily menu listings are cool, but they must be a real pain to organize and post for a whole month. I like the idea of highlights from the week and recipes.

Maybe a "Eat Local Roundup" on Fridays with best recipe(s)? It seems more manageable and would be a good substitute for the Cookbook Friday.

Husband: A recipe roundup on Fridays is a good idea. But, I'm still going to bore myself with the daily menus, if only to prevent me from lying to myself after the fact about how hard this challenge really was.

Janet: You got it. How's Friday? And, yes, Russo's is great! They started out as just a local produce stand, so they really have their sources well scoped out. Here's some local stuff I got there recently: honey, jam, dried beans, local cheese, DePasquale sausages, local cider and applesauce, Maine sea salt, some local smoked fish, maple syrup, butter, milk, eggs. And, you know, produce. They rock.

Jim: I think it depends on the crabapple tree. As for your brothers, I'm sure they had it coming.

Sunny12: The barley was bland the first day (I just boiled it in salted water). But, after a night in the fridge mingling with the leftover kebabs and their juices, it was just right. It would be really good with anything that has some kind of a light sauce or broth. I have something in mind for next week. And I'll post the hash recipe tomorrow, too.

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