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September 10, 2007


What about something else eggy for lunch, like omelets or a strata or a quiche or a frittata?

Your photo looks pretty tasty, actually. Is there anything wrong with mixing up a batch of cookie dough with no intention of baking it?

the photo is lovely, I was totally drooling! That's too bad about the cookie dough. I've always had great success with oatmeal cookies by using the recipe on the back of the Robin Hood package.

You want shitty? Try photographing Alligator Fricasse with an iPhone by candlelight and getting results that look like anything but vomit.

I'm still pissed I can't blog about that food. :/

Jim: You can still blog about it without the photo. I do it almost every day. Plus, alligator fricassee sounds kind of awesome.

Sunny12: Is Robin Hood another one of your crazy Canadian brands? I need that recipe minus the plane ticket.

Melch: There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I wholeheartedly encourage it. Until the salmonella poisoning, that is.

Karen: The kids aren't wild about eggs, which is unfortunate. Still, omelets and frittatas are on the agenda sometime soon. Maybe a Spanish tortilla (potato omelet)?

My kids don't eat eggs either. No big surprise there, since they eat NOTHING.

Alton Brown claims that pasteurized eggs act the same as regular eggs and hold no fear of salmonella. I don't know if that's something that is done locally, though.

apparently Robin Hood is Canadian (or was anyway; it was bought out by Smuckers, probably a long time ago). I didn't realize that there are so many differences in the brands available in the US and Canada. Anyway, I will find the recipe and email it to you.

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