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September 03, 2007


One of my favorite treats ! Thanks Tammy !

Finally, bite-sized fried dough. The blogosphere just got a little bit brighter.

Hi Tammy. As you know I was looking for this recipe. And so, my quest for the passatelli-crescia-wand recipe trilogy has been completed; my work here is done. I guessed everything except the baking powder. But that would make sense, when you think about it. I'm gunna dig out the pasta maker this weekend and try my hand at these (and throw together a mess 'o lobster & asparagus ravioli while the kitchen is dirty). Maybe do it Old World style and use Crisco. My sister and her family are visiting Houston for Thanksgiving; I'll bet her kids will dig 'em as much as she and I did when we visited our Nonni, way back when. Take care..

Jim B: Glad I finally got around to the wands. Thanks for your patience. And did I hear lobster and asparagus ravioli?

Jim: Glad I could be the bearer of good news.

Joey: You're welcome!

Thank you for posting this recipe! I could not find it anywhere - probably because I too could not find a more appropriate name to search for than simply "wand".

Hi. New to your blog and was just reading random posts when I came across this one. "EE-wands" made me laugh out loud, because I actually know what she means!

To explain: my parents are italian immigrants (settled in Canada). They are from the Campagnia region. In any event, my mom and my aunt still make these, although they call them "i ouandi/wandi". To translate the dialect (far removed from original italian): i=the, ouandi or wandi = gloves (real italian word is Guanti). Not sure why these treats are called gloves, but they sure are tasty.

My mom and aunt roll out single strips with a jagged pizza cutter and tie them in a loose knot, then deep fry and coat with sugar. So yummy!

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