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September 20, 2007


Here's my eat local question of the day - how is this measuring up in terms of cost? I assume you're likely making more effort than usual in terms of traveling around shopping ... ? If you already addressed this, or will in a wrap-up, please ignore me!

I ate BLTs for 3 weeks straight during my first trimester. One diner, the one I deemed Best BLT Maker in Salem, started making them when I walked in the door. Pathetic.

"The oatmeal did NOT go over well with the kids."

Because they're not used to it. I used to adore oatmeal as a kid. And Cream of Wheat and Malto-Meal and Maypo and Farina...
I'm being a blowhard old childless nag here, but if you conditioned your kids to experiment with hot cereal, they'd think it was normal. And cheaper than Chex.
Also, call it "porridge" and tell them Winnie the Pooh eats it. :D

Anyway. Looks like you're doing really, really well.

CC: When you're right, you're right. I used to love oatmeal, and Cream of Wheat, and grits with a big old pat of butter melted in there. We'll get out of our breakfast rut eventually.

Susanna: That's not pathetic, that's efficient. Very good question about cost. I want to really look into this. On the one hand, some things are definitely more expensive (organic flour, maple sugar). But then, buying most of our vegetables through the farmshare seems really economical (about $30 per week for so many vegetables, we can barely eat them all). So I think we might actually be saving money because we don't buy as many extra things at the grocery store (which add up money-wise and calorie-wise, but not nutrition-wise). On the other hand, it's hard to keep tabs on the little farmstand expenditures I make during the week with cash. Anyway, I'm curious, too, and hope to get back to that.

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