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September 29, 2007


that is the best looking batch of potato chips I have ever seen, I may have to pull out the fryolater!

OK, I love you, may I just say?
And here I've been altruistically tossing my peelings on the compost pile.
Peel-chips, baby! From now on.

I want it known that:

1. No chips were saved for me.
2. I am desperate for chips.

This picture only serves to further torture me. O cruel world!

Have you thought of what your first bite will be in October? (I'm guessing your first sip will be Maker's Mark....)

I feel vicariously proud for you.

Karen: You guessed it! Maker's Mark, first thing in the morning. I think Indian food is in my future, too.

Husband: 1. It was only a very small pile. 2. I'm greedy.

CC: Mmmm...fried trash.

Laurie: Well, thanks. Do you have the kind of fryolater with the basket? If so, I'm envious.

Brilliant! I can't believe that I have been wasting them for all these years!

With my love of all things potato, I can't believe I never thought of frying the peelings into chips before! You are a genius!! I just wish I had read this before the weekend--fried peels would have been the perfect garnish for the garlic rosemary mashed potatoes I made Saturday. Darn, I guess I'm just going to have to make them again. ;-)

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